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Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt

May 5, 2012

Last weekend, despite the horrendous weather we set off at early o’clock to go on a pirate adventure, otherwise known as Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt at St Davids Hall, Cardiff.  This was courtesy of some tickets I had won on the Primary Times website the previous month.

We braved the second Severn crossing with gale force winds and avoided the fallen tree branches on the motorway slip roads and arrived in Cardiff in good time.

It was my daughters first time at the theatre and I was apprehensive at how she would cope with sitting still for so long, but I needn’t have worried, for she was enthralled from start to finish.

It was a truly magical show, starting with the music I know so well “do-do-de-do-do-dooby-dooby-do-do” etc. and seeing Daddy Pig’s car driving across the hills.  We moved through the story where Peppa and her friends (including a new “human” friend called Daisy) were looking for buried treasure.  Peppa and her friends were puppets, rather than “people in suits” and I rather forgot the puppeteers were there after a while. The story was filled with action songs that the children were encouraged to join in with, and was very interactive which my daughter loved.

Of course, no childrens show is complete without the vast array of merchandise to go long with it, and this show was no exception.  We came away with a programme, which contained a few activities to keep her amused during the interval, a whirly light-up windmill thingy and a gold balloon which is still floating around the living room.

We all really enjoyed it, and would not hesitate to go again. My only negative was that the puppets were a little small and from level 6 where we were (basically nose bleed territory!) it was hard to see the puppets very well.

But I have to say how impressed we were with St Davids Hall.  It was our first time there and the staff were so lovely and attentive and the seats were roomy and comfortable.  And best of all, there was plenty of leg room, somthing that is really lacking in most theatres.

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