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Peking pork recipe

September 1, 2008
Here is the first of many, very easy recipes.As you can see from my meal plans, we are eating lots of pork steaks at the moment. This is because it works out quite economical (Sainsburys have a tray of 6/7 pork steaks for £5 at the moment) and also, once you remove the excess fat it is quite lean and healthy. Pork is an incredibly versatile meat that lends itself to all different types of cuisine. Here is my recipe for, what I call, Peking pork:

1 Tbsp – Clear runny honey, 1 Tbsp – Soy Sauce, 1 tsp – Ground nut Oil, 1 tsp – Ground ginger, Pork steaks.

  • First of all, trim the pork of excess fat, but leave a little to keep the meat moist.
  • Mix the honey, soy sauce, groundnut oil and ground ginger in a small bowl with a fork until the honey and oil are mixed together.
  • Brush mixture over the pork steaks, then grill or oven cook until cooked through (about 10/15 minutes under a medium grill or 180 in a fan oven). Keep basting the pork with the mix and turn steaks half way through cooking.

This can be served with rice or noodles.

This glaze also works over pork kebabs – (cut the steaks into cubes along with peppers, red onion & mushrooms, then put onto metal skewers and grill/BBQ). I like these in tortilla wraps with salad for an easy and healthy dinner.



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